About this Game
  • Bonk is a multiplayer physics game, for up to eight players at once. Pushing your opponent off the edge of the level, the last man standing wins! Fight with your friends or anyone from anywhere in the world in the last match of team standing or team. Bonk.io is a game of strategy and skill, positioning yourself carefully and avoiding collisions can be as effective as hitting your enemies! Bonk.io is a fast paced multiplayer game, knock your enemies off the screen and be the last one standing to win! Play on thousands of user created levels, and make your own and play on them with the community! Bonkio is being constantly updated with new features and improvements, so check back often! And best of all - have fun!
    Controls & How to Play
  • [Arrows] keys to move [X] key to make yourself heavier Stay on [screen] key to survive! Hold [x] key to brace before a collision with an enemy, but while holding x you are much less manoeuvrable. To bounce yourself higher
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