About this Game
  • BombHopper.io is a free physics-based puzzle platformer. In Bombhopper you'll use your grenade launcher to blow yourself away. Use your mouse to determine the appropriate arc of your bomb, then launch away in an effort to blow yourself past the finish line. Sometimes you'll have to go up, down, all around, and even through walls. Just make sure you don't accidentally blow yourself off of the platform and make sure you land on the finish line before your ammo runs out. There is no way to re-load but you can skip a level here and there by watching an ad in between levels. It's a fair trade-off but one you won't want to make because the game is just so fun and so addicting. where you shoot bombs to move. The goal is to reach the door with the blast of the explosions of your bombs! Go to the door as fast as possible to collect all 3 stars per level.
    Controls & How to Play
  • Mouse to aim and fire R key to restart
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