About this Game
  • Aquar.io is a team-based free-for-all adventure game that takes place in the ocean. Aquar.io is the next-gen successor of the famous Oceanar.io io game. Aquar.io is an addictive underwater world where incredible adventures and funny battles are waiting for you! Start playing with a small Queen fish and grow your school over time. You will meet different ocean dwellers during your underwater adventure. Some of them will gladly join your school while another will go hostile. You will find many game secrets which will help you in becoming the true master of the deeps of Aquar.io!
    Controls & How to Play
  • Use mouse pointer to direct your Queen fish. Use left mouse button or W key to attack. Use right mouse button or Space key to merge your creatures. Hold right mouse button or Space for a long period of time to devour yo
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